Metallic Moment

$49.99 $79.99

             The multifunctional quartz watch is exceptionally accurate and features three slim time hands that spin with precision. Three inset dials and a round date window fill the watch face with added utility. The minute and hour hands feature a luminous core, so you can easily read the time while working late into the night. Minimalistic time markers stand out at each five-minute mark with double bars for each quarter hour and subtle ticks for each passing minute.

             Choose from multiple different color options to find the combination that best matches your style. Gold, silver, black, and rose gold are all appropriate for the workplace and beautifully finished. Stainless steel is just as durable as it is stylish – enjoy modest water resistance with a look that’s built to last.



  1. Luminous time hands
  2. 3 inset dials and round date window
  3. Ultra-smooth stainless steel mesh band
  4. Adjustable buckle clasp
  5. Available in multiple metallic color combinations


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